Psy­cho­so­cial coun­se­ling for sub­sti­tu­tion tre­at­ment for people living with HIV/​Hepatitis

Drug use over many years will – in many cases – lead to a mul­ti­tude of pro­blems: be it finan­cial wor­ries, insuf­fi­ci­ent medi­cal assi­s­tance, or a life in ille­ga­lity. Addi­tio­nally, the hand­ling of an HIV infec­tion or the fear of beco­m­ing infec­ted, play a huge role. It seems that some pro­blems are not managable on one’s own.

Sub­sti­tu­tion tre­at­ment can change your life immen­sely. As part of the medi­cal assi­s­tance during sub­sti­tu­tion tre­at­ment is the psy­cho­so­cial coun­se­ling. It assists our cli­ents in over­co­m­ing cri­ses, accep­t­ing the addic­tive dis­or­der and hand­ling it. We sup­port you with your pro­blems: whe­ther they are emo­tio­nal, or pro­blems with the law or debts, whe­ther they are rela­ted to unem­ploy­ment or homelessness.The psy­cho­so­cial sup­port is like resem­bles a prac­ti­cal coun­se­ling, with the sole goal of impro­ving your qua­lity of living.

Han­nö­ver­sche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. offers psy­cho­so­cial coun­se­ling for people living with HIV.