Psychosocial counseling for substitution treatment for people living with HIV/Hepatitis

Drug use over many years will – in many cases – lead to a multitude of problems: be it financial worries, insufficient medical assistance, or a life in illegality. Additionally, the handling of an HIV infection or the fear of becoming infected, play a huge role. It seems that some problems are not managable on one’s own.

Substitution treatment can change your life immensely. As part of the medical assistance during substitution treatment is the psychosocial counseling. It assists our clients in overcoming crises, accepting the addictive disorder and handling it. We support you with your problems: whether they are emotional, or problems with the law or debts, whether they are related to unemployment or homelessness.The psychosocial support is like resembles a practical counseling, with the sole goal of improving your quality of living.

Hannöversche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. offers psychosocial counseling for people living with HIV.