HIV At Work

People living with HIV are thanks to modern medi­cine in most cases fit for work. Addi­tio­nally, in ever­y­day work there are abso­lutely no infec­tion risks for col­leagues. Howe­ver, because a lot of people are still unaware of that, unse­cu­ri­ties and irra­tio­nal fears of infec­tion might pla­gue co-workers and dis­rupt the work climate.

We have had great expe­ri­en­ces openly dis­cus­sing the topic with col­leagues of people living with HIV through trai­ning semi­nars, allowing them to under­stand the actual paths of infec­tions. As a result, inse­cu­ri­ties could be miti­ga­ted and the work atmo­s­phere could be normalised.

Should you be inte­res­ted in such a semi­nar, please feel free to con­tact us!