HIV and people in care

For people living with HIV, staying in an hospital or living in a care facility often comes with particular challenges: They are often confronted with outdated notions of HIV or people who are afraid of being infected and as a result are being treated differently with special measures which often result in their disadvantages. However, in taking care of people living with HIV, standard measures of hygiene and hygiene protection systems used for all other patients, are entirely sufficient. There are not risks of infection in the everyday care.

We offer, in particular for hospitals and care facilities, as well as nursing schools, special training courses for HIV in care facilities. Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of an HIV infection, transmission paths and treatment methods
  • Importance and characteristics of the interdisciplinary treatment of people living with HIV
  • Hygiene and hygiene protection systems
  • Fundamentals of data privacy concerning chronic conditions

The seminar is held by an registered nurse and an assistant nurse and will approximately last 2 hours.

Should you be interested in booking our seminar, please feel free to contact us!