Sunday´s Café

The Sunday Café is regu­larly held on the first Sunday of every month star­ting at 3 pm at the Han­no­ver­schen AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
Invi­ted are all people with HIV and their friends, as well as vol­un­te­ers of the Han­no­ver­schen AIDS-Hilfe e.V. The Sunday café team around Chris­toph, Mar­gitta and Ingrid cor­di­ally invi­tes guests to expe­ri­ence home-baked cakes, hot and cold drinks, nice people and lively conversations.
Par­ti­ci­pa­tion is free, regis­tra­tion is not required.


Jür­gen Maaß
Tele­phone: 0511 / 360 696 16