Women’s café

The women’s café is a self-help initia­tive for and by HIV posi­tive women, who meet biwee­kly in the rooms of the Han­nö­ver­sche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Topics are, besi­des mana­ging the infec­tion, part­nership, family and the deve­lo­pe­ment of solu­tion stra­te­gies for upco­m­ing chal­len­ges. Espe­ci­ally women who have recently lear­ned about their HIV infec­tion bene­fit from the exchange with other HIV posi­tive women, as they can offer advice, solace and encou­ra­ge­ment. Also, at the women’s café activi­ties can be plan­ned tog­e­ther, such as going to the movies, trips or going shop­ping.
The women’s café is inter­cul­tu­ral, every HIV posi­tive woman is wel­come.