HIV-related discrimination consulting

Even today many people living with HIV suffer from discrimination and isolation in different areas of life. At the workplace, in the health system, or their privat life, discrimination due to the HIV disease is not uncommon. Those experiences shape and negatively influence both self-confidence and self-esteem. It can therefore influence the health behavior of the affected. Furthermore, these negative experiences often have the consequence that affected people subconsciously put themselves in the role of the victimizer, believing that they are to blame for the discrimination they experience.

On a political and social level, Hannöversche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. is an active advocate for the interests of people living with HIV. Through the newly founded anti-discrimination agency, Hannöversche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. is not only a refrence point, but also the voice for people living with HIV.

Have you experienced discrimination or disadvantages in regards to your HIV-infection? Do you need help with a complaint procedure or in enforcing your rights?

Then contact us and we will advice you on your rights and opportunities.