Team Hannover

SVeN is active!
Our SVeN team is always on the road and in Hannover’s gay scene to ligh­ten up the evenings with fun acti­vi­ties and to edu­cate on HIV/AIDS and other sexu­ally trans­mit­ted infec­tions (STI).

SVeN satis­fies you!
Whe­ther you need infor­ma­tion on how to pro­tect yourself from STIs, or would like to know more on various tes­ting loca­ti­ons in the region, or just need some tips on gay life with or without HIV:  SVeN ans­wers all your ques­ti­ons, so you can pro­tect yourself and your (sex) partner(s) effectively.

SVeN wants you!
Want to join us? Are you dedi­ca­ted, out­go­ing and curious? We are always loo­king for gay men to streng­t­hen our team. Call us or send us a message!