JES stands for Jun­kies, For­mer, Sub­sti­tu­ted. We are in a nati­on­wide self-help net­work and see our­sel­ves as an advo­cacy for all people who take or have taken drugs.

JES was foun­ded in 1989 as part of a semi­nar of the Ger­man AIDS Help e.V. and today inclu­des more than 30 regio­nal groups, clubs and initia­ti­ves with more than 300 activists.

JES calls for the fun­da­men­tal right to a decent life with drugs. We want legal sur­vi­val aids for active drug users. JES fights against the ille­ga­liz­a­tion and social exclu­sion of drug-using people. We know that drug use does not necessa­rily lead to misery and assume that drugs, des­pite pro­hi­bi­tion, will con­ti­nue to be an inte­gral part of our society. JES sup­ports all ques­ti­ons about drug use through infor­ma­tion, edu­ca­tion and coun­se­ling. JES offers semi­nars and work­shops on the topic of drugs and health.

We are com­mit­ted to:

  • Respect and accep­t­ance of any decision to live with or without drugs.
  • The initia­tion and sup­port of self-help organizations
  • The enfor­ce­ment of pre­ven­tion con­cepts without life­style requi­re­ments and moral appeals.

We demand:

  • the dele­tion of the cri­mi­nally rele­vant por­ti­ons of the Nar­co­tics Act, the aboli­tion of the AUB sub­sti­tu­tion direc­ti­ves, the sur­ren­der of ori­gi­nal sub­s­tan­ces to all those who choose this way, and co-decision in poli­ti­cal decision-making bodies.
  • Access to all forms of tre­at­ment and par­ti­ci­pa­tion in shaping the tre­at­ment Immediate release of HIV-posi­tive, AIDS-ill and drug-using people who have been detai­ned without har­ming third-party pro­perty rights.
  • Equal oppor­tu­nities for drug users at work and employment