Assisted living project “Lighthouse”

The Lighthouse Hannover is a disabled-friendly facility which is aimed at all people with HIV and AIDS regardless of their affiliation with a particular group of affected persons. The residential project is designed for women and men who are unable to live temporarily or for a long time without help due to their psycic or physical health situation.



The aims of Lighthouse Hannover are, on the one hand, to secure the health care in a holistic sense, and on the other hand to obtain and to use the support which is appropriate to the individual needs of the residents. A further goal of the care is the psychological stabilization of the inhabitants as well as the restoration of necessary practical skills to enable a largely independent life.


We offer a place in the in our project to women and men with HIV and AIDS from different groups of affected persons, who are no longer able to live on their own for different reasons. Drug users are admitted when they are clean or undergo a substitution treatment. The first contact is made in writing or by telephone. A first informational meeting will take place with the support team. If there is further interest, a meeting with the residents and the team follows. The residents have a right to speak, whether the applicant is accepted or not. In addition, the costs must be secured.


The Lighthouse Hannover is centrally located in the immediate vicinity of a bus and underground station. The residents have their own rooms, partly with private bathroom, a common kitchen and a large living area. The rooms can be furnished with own furniture.


The care team consists of pedagogical specialists and external nurses.
The care includes psychosocial and social therapeutic support with the following focus:

  • Ensuring the financial situation
  • Securing outpatient care in case of illness
  • Securing domestic care
  • Promoting health-conscious behavior
  • Structural aids for the Social Environment
  • Administration of the clients internal money
  • Debt regulation
  • Accompanying to offices, medical facilities, etc. Institutions
  • Crisis interventions
  • Support for mental problems in individual and group discussions
  • Death support
  • Inclusion of family and relatives
  • Organization of leisure activities

Medical care & nursing

The medical care and nursing is carried out in close cooperation with the immunological outpatient department of the Medical University of Hannover (MHH), doctors specialized on HIV as well as specialists for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Furthermore, the medical care and nursing provided by outpatient care services is ensured.

Lighthouse Hannover
Phone: 0511 / 69 75 67
Fax: 0511 / 353 18 14

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